Who's Leo Campasso ?

Animation Director from Buenos Aires, Argentina now based in Barcelona.



- 2007: He began working for Cartoon Network, Fox and Disney in Hook Up Animation Studio.

- 2008: One Dot Zero Festival select him for ''Best New Talent Category''.

- 2009: Graduated (Integral Cartoons Producer) .Done his first tesis called ''Insert coin'' with ''Vurup'' team. Then selected by Vimeo and shown in Vimeo Staff Picks.

- His first professional Animated short called ''Wild Wind'' was shown in Newgrounds frontpage, the best portal of Flash (Animate) Animation.

- 2010: His second professional Animated Short called ''Travelers'' was selected by Vimeo too, and was shown in the frontpage Vimeo Staff Picks.

- He was involved in the creation of Gluko & Lennon Pilot, recently premiered in Amazon Kids , ''Little big awesome''.

- 2010 to 2017: He began working as ''Leo Campasso World'', Indie Director & Character Animator.
- 2011: ''Travelers'' was selected by Pictoplasma (Berlin), one of the best Animation Festivals around the world.

- 2012: ''Travelers'' was recognized by the best animation portals like Cartoon Brew, Motionographer, Catsuka. And commented by animation stars like Thurop Van Orman, Keith Lango.

- 2013: ''Punga'' Studio called him to participate in the integral animation production of the World's Smallest Movie : A Boy And His Atom. The animation won a Record Guiness . He done Character Design, Animation, and Technical Animation Direction.

- 2014: His work was selected by Argentinean Animation Festivals like Bafici and Expotoons.
- 2015 to 2020: Leo Campasso World Studio continue working for brands like Cartoon Network, Marvel, Nickelodeon, Mtv, Fox , Google, Coca Cola, by the hand of the best Studios from all around the world.