WHO'S LEO CAMPASSO ? Leonardo Martin Campasso aka Leo Campasso is an Award-Winning Animation Director and Animator, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in April 1988.
25 years of experience in Animation fields, from participating in a World Guinness Record to Animate for major animation brands like Disney, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. At just 7 years old, he took his first steps in 2d animation in a self-taught and intuitive way. After his first steps in 2d animation on paper, and in the 'world's computer animation boom' with macromedia flash (2000), he created his first independent content production company ''Enano Cartoons''. This project had more than 50 shorts entirely produced independently just by him. Counting experiences and creating common fantastic worlds for an 11-year-old boy. At the age of 17 (2006) he started his first job for a multimedia company called Admotion, making content (2 cutout animation series). At the same time that he has began working, he started traditional animation studies in a career dictated by ''Hook up'' (a recognized Argentine 2d animation production company ). Soon after, he began working professionally as an 2D and 3D animator for ''hook up animation'', for clients such as Cartoon Network, Disney, Nickelodeon, Fox, ... In 2009 he decided to become independent and start a new project, his own animation studio for advertising. '' Leo Campasso Studio '' was born by the hand of his first professional indie short, '' Wild Wind '' which has a great impact on the famous ''Newgrounds'' flash animation portal. He won awards and recognitions at festivals such as Pictoplasma, One dot zero, Bafici and his name began to resonate in the most important animation portals in the world such as Cartoon Brew, Catsuka, Motionographer, Stash. In 2010 Leo was involved in integral creation ''Gluko & Lennon'' pilot , for the series finally called ''Little big awesome'', produced between 2016 and 2018 by Amazon Prime. Then, in 2011 he produced his second professional shortfilm called "Travelers", premiered at the Pictoplasma festival in Berlin. 2013 was one of the greatest years in Leo Campasso´s carrer. From the hand of , the production and realization of the most special 2d piece of his career began, a stopmotion shortfilm for IBM, an experimental Atoms animation (real atoms!), called ''A boy and his Atom''. This animation won important awards around the world and a ''Guiness Record'' recognition in 2013, being the smallest Stopmotion animation ever. Between 2014 and 2017 he worked for big brands like Mtv, Google, Coca Cola, Cartoon Network, Disney producing animations and commercials. In 2018 ''Leo Campasso Studio'' moved from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Barcelona, Spain . After 12 uninterrupted years, and thousands of 2d and 3d productions on the way, he began his new project called ''Aura Studio'' a new production company fully focused on Advertising and Content . In 2021/22 Aura studio teamed up with Niceshit studio to create Blue Dog , an add for an Spanish beer. Check this Cartoon Brew Interview. 2023 An incredible year for Aura Studio, producing their 2 first professional shortfilms , the award-winning ''Tsunami Girl'' & ''Home''. Finally, A Co-direction Aura + Bestia for ''Relevo'' has been officially selected in Annecy Festival 2023.